Holter Electro Cardio Graph (ECG)

Project Description:

This project implements Holter ECG device with on board non-volatile flash storage capable to store up to 10 hours of ECG graphs. It connects to host pc through USB port or Bluetooth adapter to dump ECG data to a PC file. It runs on two AA battery for long life cycle. 16 bits micro-controller  gives power to detect anomalies on the fly.

Key Components:

  • ADS1292R
  • PIC24FJ128GA310
  • IS62WV25616
  • SST25VF064C
  • RN42 Bt Module
  • FT230X


  • 3 Channel ECG
  • Holter mode
  • Data fetch over USB port
  • 2xAA Battery Supply
  • Onboard Flash Storage
  • Onboard SRAM
  • Onboard RTCC

Board Top and Bottom Views:

Patient Simulation:

User Interface Graph:

Microcontroller Source Code Snapshot:

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