Flip Dot Display Driver

Project Description: This project builds a power driver for old fashion Flip Dot Displays. Flip Dot Displays contain coil energized electro magnetics to flip a two side plastic. The project include over 100 pieces of 7 x 5 dot matrix display. All pieces are connected to a single RS485 bus which is also connected to a host device.

Key Components:

  • PIC16F886
  • MJD122/MJD127 pair
  • Transil Diodes to suppress voltage spikes
  • MAC4DHM Triac as two way switch (Board V2)
  • L293 H Bridge (Board V3)
  • L298 H Bridge (Board V4)
  • MAX485



Single Character Display:

Display Coils:

Board V1:

Board V2:

PIC Source Code

Diptrace CAD

Board V3 SMD:

PIC Source Code

Diptrace CAD

Board V3 Through Hole:

Diptrace CAD

Board V4:

Diptrace CAD

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