Infrared Remote Controller Switch

Project Description: This project aims to implement a universal IR receiver along with an AC power switch to control any kind of AC loads, specifically, light bulbs. When used with incandascent bulbs, it can also dim the bulb as per user desire. The device is capable of learning any distinct key on virtually any kind of IR controller. Once it learned, it respond to only that key to control the light bulb. User needs to press a button 10 seconds continuously to let the device learn its IR code. The IR code is stored into non-volatile storage on the micro-controller. Then user just press the button to control the light bulb remotely. Upon first press, light bulb gradually turns on up to 50% of its rated power. Second press again gradually turns it on to the full power. Finally, one more press causes the light bulb fade out and turn off. If the bulb is not dimmable, then the controller becomes a simple toggle switch.

Key Components:

  • PIC12F683


  • Resistive Power Supply
  • Learning Capability

Board Top View:

Board Bottom View:

Board Printed and Assmebled:

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