Stepper Motor Driver User Interface with Character LCD

Project Description: This board generates variable frequency square wave to feed external Stepper Motor Drivers. It has a 2×16 character LCD and four switch connections to let users configure and control the square wave parameters as needed. It also connects to another device via on board RS485 port. It can control an external relay or magnetics over a darlington NPN output. Finally, it controls LCD illumination from its micro-controller in a smart fashion.

The square wave is generated from the on chip E-CCP module. This module, in general, is intended to be used for PWM generations. However, it is configured to generate variable frequency (300Hz to 33KHz) square wave with auto adjusted 50% duty cycle. E-CCP module pre and post scaler options are used to maintain high resolution change of frequency.

Key Components:

  • PIC18F46K22
  • Character LCD 2×16
  • MAX485
  • LM2594


Board Top and Bottom Views:


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